More Open Source in Governance, and a Few New Projects in the Week’s Wrap Up

Open Source Wrap Up: August 22 – 28, 2015

New Open Source Map to Track US Government Projects

As a part of the White House’s efforts to expand the federal government’s involvement in open source technology, the administration has released an open source tool that shows government projects on an interactive map. The source code is hosted on Github, and developers are invited to check out the code and get involved in it’s development. It has been released to the public domain in order to allow anyone to use, modify, and distribute it as they see fit.

New Open Source Linux Filesystem

A new open source Linux filesystem is now available to the general public. The Bcache File System (Bcachefs)

You can learn more on the LKML.

Facebook Open Sources Hack Code Generator

Facebook has released an open source code generator for Hack: a spinoff of the PHP programming language. Named Hack Codegen, it enables easy generation of Hack code in addition to writing it into signed files to prevent undesired modifications. It’s an effort to raise the level of abstraction and reduce coupling, and Hack was built to reduce reliance on string concatenation for code generation. The code is available on GitHub.

For more technical information on Hack CodeGen, check out this blog post from facebook.

Linux Turns 24!

August 25th, 2015 was the 24th birthday for Linux. In 24 years, Linux has come to dominate much of the software world including mobile devices, the enterprise, web infrastructure, data centers, super computing, and more. It is the largest software project in the world and is built by thousands of developers from all corners of the globe.  If you want to learn more about how Linux got to this point, check out this short video.

Author: Ben Lloyd Pearson

Ben is an open source technologist experienced in a wide array of modern IT tools. He's done a bit of everything, from web development, to systems administration, web publishing, and beyond.