SDP, FFmpeg Governance, and More in This Week’s Wrap Up

Open Source Wrap Up September 26 – October 1, 2015:

DHS Funds Open Source Software Defined Perimeter

Waverly Labs has been selected by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to receive funding to develop an open source software-defined permimeter to defend cloud apps from DDoS attacks. In recent years, companies have increasingly been the target of DDoS attacks, which are designed to render online services inoperable by overwhelming servers with requests from a distributed network. The SDP services will work by only allowing TCP connections from pre-authorized users and prevents the connections from being hijacked by unauthorized parties. Waverly Labs will be working with the International Cloud Security Alliance on this project.

Read More on the DHS Website.

Linux Foundation Estimates Total Value of Collaborative Projects at $5 Billion

The Linux Foundation has released a report that attempts to show the total value of collaborative projects hosted by the organization. Using the COCOMO method, they detected 115,013,302 lines of source code. A number that would take 1,356 developers and estimated 30 years to recreate. The Linux Foundation estimates this code is worth more than $5 billion dollars.

Read more from the Linux Foundation.

FFmpeg Community Creates Voting Committee to Direct Community Decisions

Following the recent resignation of Michael Niedermayer as leader of FFmpeg, the community has decided to test out the creation of a voting committee that will be given power to make decisions when consensus can’t be formed in the general community. The initial committee was chosen by looking for anyone that is considered an active developer in the community, which was defined as having made more than 50 contributions to the source code in the last year. Our own Reynaldo Verdejo Pinochet was chosen to be a part of this committee. This is an experimental step towards more distributed, organized power structure for FFmpeg and they will be adjusting how this committee works over the coming months as they work out a specific plan for governance.

Come See us at LinuxCon EU and the GStreamer Conference

We are sending a handful of representatives to LinuxCon EU (October 5-7) and the Gstreamer Conference (October 8-9) next week in Dublin, Ireland. We have a few people who will be giving talks on the work they are doing for the Samsung Open Source Group. Additionally, come check out our booth at LinxCon where we will have plenty of swag, and a few technical demos to show off.

Here our the talks we’ll be giving at LinuxCon EU

Here are the talks we’ll be giving at the Gstreamer Conference

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