Samsung OSG Contributions to the Linux Kernel 4.3

Linux 4.3 was released two weeks ago; 5 engineers from the Samsung Open Source Group (OSG) contributed 168 patches that modified 4002 lines of code in a handful of kernel subsystems.

The following list is all of the OSG engineers that contributed to this release and the number of changesets and lines of code as reported by Jonathan Corbet and Greg Kroah-Hartman’s gitdm tool.

OSG developers by changesets
Javier Martinez Canillas 65 38.7%
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 56 33.3%
Luis de Bethencourt 44 26.2%
Mario Smarduch 2 1.2%
Stefan Schmidt 1 0.6%
OSG developers by changed lines
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 1823 45.6%
Javier Martinez Canillas 1746 43.6%
Luis de Bethencourt 345 8.6%
Mario Smarduch 76 1.9%
Stefan Schmidt 12 0.3%

Mauro worked on cleanups and bugfixing in the media subsystem and considerably improved the media DocBook. Javier worked on cleanups and bugfixing in ARM Exynos support and fixed module autoloading for I2C and SPI drivers in different subsystems.

Luis worked on cleaning up and improving the staging subsystem. He also fixed module autoloading for platform drivers in different subsystems. Mario developed KVM optimizations for ARM32 and ARM64 that reduced vfp/simd save/restore on exits by 30%-50%. Finally, Stefan changed the ieee802154 netlink interface to have a more strict check for boolean input values.

The Impact of the OSG

According to LWN’s report for v4.3 contributions, Samsung contributed a total of 634 patches that changed 17325 lines of code. This means that 23% of Samsung patches and 26% of the modified lines came from the OSG. That’s not bad for a small team of kernel developers!

We are currently hard at work on the 4.4 and 4.5 Kernels. The merge window for 4.4 closed last week, and the release is expected to happen in early January. 4.4 is going to be the next long term support release, which means it is particularly important because it will be supported for the next two years.

Author: Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez Canillas was a Senior Linux Kernel Developer for the Samsung Open Source Group with a focus working on ARM and Exynos SoC support.