Announcing the Samsung Open Source Group Internship Program

Today, I’m switching gears from my usual technical posts to introduce a new initiative that we’re rolling out at the Open Source Group: the OSG Internship Program. Since the start of our team in 2013 we’ve been involved in a number of projects in different areas of the open source ecosystem. In the process we’ve come across a number of great community members, but we’ve also realized that our team isn’t large enough to tackle all of the technical challenges that we’re facing in the open source projects we work on.

At Samsung, we greatly appreciate the collaborative nature of our relationship with these communities, and all the more so since many long-term contributors are hobbyists and students. Our appreciation runs deep for contributors who are working in these communities on their own time, particularly those who work collaboratively with us as we are preparing for future products.

From time to time, community contributors approach our team and ask how they can get more involved. We are pleased to announce that we are starting an internship program, run by the Samsung Open Source Group and focused on our strategic projects. This program will provide mentorship and compensation to qualified individuals who want to grow their skills and standing in certain communities where we need some extra helping hands.

These internships will be six months or less, and the goals are discussed and agreed upon by the Open Source Group contributor who will oversee the internship and the community member who is taking part. These high-priority work areas will likely be problem spots in the community’s codebase which have been discussed and shedcrafted into oblivion, but, as so often happens to these difficult issues which lack specific sponsorship, everyone involved has declared they don’t have the time to work on them.

We currently have a few of these planned out over the remainder of the year, and the participants will be contributing posts here to talk about their background with the project as well as the work that’s being done. Stay tuned for these developments and more!

Author: Mike Blumenkrantz

Mike is the release manager for Enlightenment as well as a core developer of the EFL toolkit.