Samsung OSG Contributions to Linux Kernel 4.10

Linux 4.10 was released on February 17; for this release, 6 engineers from the US and UK branches of the Samsung Open Source Group (OSG) contributed 341 patches that modified 44,709 lines of code. Again, most of the changes comes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab’s work to improve the Linux kernel documentation and fixing bugs all over the media tree.

The following is a list of the OSG engineers that contributed to this release and the number of changesets and lines of code, as reported by Jonathan Corbet and Greg Kroah-Hartman’s gitdm tool.

OSG developers by changesets
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 231 67.7%
Javier Martinez Canillas 77 22.6%
Stefan Schmidt 11 3.2%
Shuah Khan 11 3.2%
Luis de Bethencourt 10 2.9%
Derek Foreman 1 0.3%
OSG developers by changed lines
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 44,120 98.7%
Luis de Bethencourt 162 0.4%
Javier Martinez Canillas 156 0.3%
Stefan Schmidt 145 0.3%
Shuah Khan 92 0.2%
Derek Foreman 34 0.1%

OSG Contributions to This Release

For this release, Mauro worked on the Media and EDAC subsystems that he maintains, and continued improving the Linux kernel documentation. For EDAC, he moved a lot of documentation from C files to headers, and he converted its DocBook documentation to ReST. For media, most of his work was spent fixing driver print outs that were broken after the recent changes to how printk() manages continuation lines. Finally, he also converted a lot of binary images to SVG which are more scalable and easier to output on different formats.

Javier handled some cleanups to OMAP and Rockchip SoC Device Tree files, fixed module autoload for several drivers, and fixed bugs in the Exynos General Scaler media platform driver.

Stefan fixed a bunch of bugs in the ieee802154 atusb driver and improved the ieee802154 documentation to bring it up-to-date. One thing worth mentioning: starting with this release he will be a co-maintainer for the ieee802154 subsystem.

Shuah fixed issues in different drivers used in Exynos platforms such as exynos-drm, s5p-mfc and usb dwc3. She also improved the documentation for kselftests and fixed issues in the usbip as a part of her maintainer duties on these subsystems.

Luis worked mostly on the BeFS subsystem that he maintains, cleaning up a lot of style issues; he also added network file system support to BeFS.

Derek fixed a race condition between page flip completion events and clean-up in the VC4 DRM driver.

The Impact of the OSG

According to LWN’s report for v4.10 contributions, Samsung contributed a total of 545 patches that changed 57,529 lines of code. This means that 62% of Samsung total patches and 78% of modified lines came from the OSG.

Mauro alone accounts for the 42% of total patches and 77% of changed lines, which is impressive for a single developer. No wonder he is listed first in the top 20 most active developers by changesets list and third by changed lines. Javier is also listed as one of the most active developers by changesets for this release.

Samsung OSG Contributions to Linux Kernel 4.10 - 4-10-stats

The merge window for 4.11 is currently open and OSG patches are already being merged for the next release. We’ll provide a more detailed update of this work after Linux 4.11 is released.

Author: Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez Canillas was a Senior Linux Kernel Developer for the Samsung Open Source Group with a focus working on ARM and Exynos SoC support.