GStreamer to Gain the First RTSP 2.0 Implementation!

Real Time Stream Protocol 2.0

The RTSP 2.0 was proposed in December 2016 to replace the 1.0 version of the standard; this new version is not backward compatible with the previous one. RTSP 1.0 is almost 20 years old, and it’s done a good job at defining a standard protocol for real time media streaming signaling, but it has not evolved much since then and had some issues that were worth fixing. The new version of this standard aims to resolve inconsistencies, clean up the RFC, add missing definitions, and restructure the document to reach better interoperability between implementers. RTSP 2.0 also comes with a bunch of new features (such as pipelined setup request, to avoid round trip time on initialization) and removes some features that were considered not useful enough (such as the RECORD command).

GStreamer’s RSTP 2.0 Implementation

At Samsung, we decided it was the right time to introduce the very first implementation, and we’ve now readied support for the new RSTP 2.0 protocol. This work has led to a set of patches that have been proposed in the upstream GStreamer project!

Author: Thibault Saunier

Thibault Saunier is a open source Multimedia engineer mostly developing and maintaining the GStreamer framework and the Pitivi Video editor.

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