New Features in Enlightenment 22

The E22 development cycle has been underway for over a year, and it has included over 1,500 patches to address nearly 200 tickets on our issue tracker. With this has come a number of new features and improvements.

Greatly Improved Wayland Support

The majority of development for this cycle has gone towards improving Wayland support. This covers, but is not limited to: adding support for xdg-shell v6, pointer constraints, and relative pointer motion protocols. These additions improve XWayland support and increase stability across all components running under Wayland.

Continued Improvements to New Gadget Infrastructure

As previous posts have indicated, a lot of work is being done in this area. The goal is to create a more robust infrastructure with a simpler and more intuitive EFL-based API, moving away from the legacy “gadcon” interface, which has its own API and currently only functions due to mountains of gadget-specific workarounds that make safely adding any new functionality nearly impossible.
Presently, almost all gadgets and functionality that existed for the legacy gadget interface have been ported or rewritten for the new system, with future improvements already underway.

sudo/ssh Password GUI

A decision was made to implement a GUI for the ASKPASS feature of sudo/ssh which will pop up a dialog any time a password needs to be entered for these services.
More information about this feature can be found by referencing the SUDO_ASKPASS or SSH_ASKPASS environment variables.

Meson Build System

Meson is a relatively new build system that is significantly faster than autotools while providing a similar set of features. All modern distributions should be compatible with this build system, and autotools is planned to be removed after the E22 release.

Tiling Window Policy Improvements

Many issues related to this have been resolved, and some new features – such as a nicer window dragging UI – have been added.

Per-Window Pulseaudio Volume Controls

Pulseaudio exports volume controls for each audio-producing application, and work has been done to bind this into a GUI control.

New Features in Enlightenment 22 - e22-mixer

Stay Tuned for More!

More work is planned to improve the desktop experience in future versions of Enlightenment. Check out our contact page to find out more or get involved.

Author: Mike Blumenkrantz

Mike is the release manager for Enlightenment as well as a core developer of the EFL toolkit.

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