Now Hiring: Open Source Cloud Engineers

The cloud is ripe with open source software as the collaborative development model has proven to be extremely effective at commoditizing much of the software stack. Today, foundations like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are bringing together numerous companies to collaborate on vital, cutting edge technology, and open source software is doing what it has done in many other industries as it positions itself to be critical to the adoption of cloud technologies. More companies are launching open source initiatives to improve this technology domain and the Open Source Group recognizes this as a valuable place for us to increase our breadth of impact on Samsung’s innovation.

We’re Hiring Cloud Experts!

With this said, we’re pleased to announce we’re hiring multiple positions for experts in open source cloud technologies to help us in our mission to improve Samsung’s understanding and adoption of open source software. Here are the most important skills we’re looking for:

  • Programming experience in one or more languages, including C++, Go, Python, Shell, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP. Please note that the language competency depends on the project you’re expected to get involved in.
  • Expertise contributing to one or more of these projects: Kubernetes, OpenTracing, Jaeger, Envoy, Linkerd, gRPC, Fluentd, and related CNCF projects.
  • Knowledge of distributed tracing, monitoring, service management, and container orchestration.
  • Demonstrable experience participating in open source communities as a contributor, committer, or maintainer.
  • A history of providing technical leadership within open source communities and engaging in political influence and guidance.
  • A high degree of self-motivation and the ability to work alone, managing your own work and setting sensible priorities.
  • Background in pipeline operations, packaging and deployment of cloud applications, virtualization technologies and API’s,

However, don’t worry if you aren’t experienced with all of these skills; the most important skill you can have is the ability to expand your own technical knowledge to meet the rapidly changing open source software ecosystem. If you have knowledge of any of these items with a history of good open source contributions, we want you!

Why Work for Us?

You’ll want to work for us if you’re interested in:

  • Spending 100% of your development time on upstream open source projects,
  • Working from almost anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection),
  • Using your preferred infrastructure for your development environment,
  • The freedom to work outside the pressure of product deadlines, and
  • Improving your visibility with open source communities via participation in project governance and events.

If you’re someone who’s passionate about open source software and deeply knowledgeable about the things mentioned in this post, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested, send us a message on twitter @SamsungOSG or an email to hiring[at] If you want to learn more about our team, check out this blog post that explains why our team was created.

We look forward to meeting some great open source engineers!

Author: Ben Lloyd Pearson

Ben is an open source technologist experienced in a wide array of modern IT tools. He's done a bit of everything, from web development, to systems administration, web publishing, and beyond.